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    Drag and drop to target


      Hey.  A couple of weeks ago Kglad from the forums created some code for me for a drag and drop function.  It works great.  Unfortunatly im having to extend  to more draggable objects.  So they will be within another movie clip so i can have them scrolling.  After making the scroll, the draggable objects dont register on the droptarget as they are within another movie clip.  Below is i think the part of the code that needs to be changed so the draggable objects know where to find the drop target.


      Hope that makes sense.


      Could anybody help?








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          probably needs to be changed.  you could take a long-shot and try:




          but you'll probably need to see the code that defined droptargetMC and explain where it's defined relative to the location of the stopDrag() code.