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    trust tablet + illustrator CS3 + pressure problem


      Hi guys,


      I've get recently trust slimline tablet for mac. Using Mac OS X 10.6.2 with adobe cs3. I've installed the tablet, and it works ok with photoshop  and does recognize brush pressure and everything. But illustrator doesn't seem to see it - I still can draw and use the pen, but when I'm trying to change calligraphic (or any other) brushes settings to pressure sensitive it's impossible: the only variables working are fixed and random. the pen icon in right bottom corner is crossed. Have contacted trust - and there is no special drivers for illustrator, anyway have installed the newest drivers, have installed illustrator update. restarted everything and so on - and still no result. and photoshop still perfect. Any advice? Maybe I should turn on something different than just brushes settings? Have been trying to find any solutions on forums, but no luck there


      Thanks in advance