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    Getting xml dataprovider to reload information on page load... not compilation.


      Hey everyone,

      I've got an app that grabs information from a XML file on my server.  After the user has used the app, they'll have the option to save their input.  I've got the application to edit the xml file and store the users' information.  After saving the information, however, the XML datasource doesn't update the combobox that allows users to see passed saved saves.  Here's how it's being done now:



      This is the code to grab the XML file while I compile:

      <mx:XML id="applicantsXML" xmlns="" source="http://www.hr.fsu.edu/SubSites/HRAPPS/salaryconsideration/applicants.xml"/>


      Here's the combobox being populated with the XML information:

      <mx:ComboBox id="applicant_combobox" y="35" x="135" dataProvider="{applicantsXML.app.appid}"></mx:ComboBox>


      Is there any way to get the XML to repopulate using applicationComplete or something like that?


      Thanks a bunch,