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    Premiere Elements codecs




      Before I give a try to Premiere Elements, I would like to know how the codecs are implemented


      Is it a DirectShow application that uses the DirectX filters?

      How about AVC/AAC and MP4 containers that do not have native windows support? I have ffdshow audio/video decoders installed, will PE use those ?

      I would not like PE to mess or install more DirectShow filters.


      Or does Premiere Element come bundled with its own dedicated coder/decoders,  as a completely closed app.

      I guess that at least for WMV it will have to use DirectShow


      Or does it require apple Quicktime for example?


      Could anybody please share some info on this?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Premiere does not use the DirectShow playback engine. That was written out about PrPro 1.0, and not sure when in PrE.


          FFDShow has been known to cause major problems with Premiere (both PrPro and PrE). I avoid it.


          PrE installs several CODEC's, mostly from MainConcept, but will use many properly installed CODEC's, that are not part of its installation, but not all.


          As far as AAC and AC1 CODEC's go, those can be problematic. When I am handed AAC Audio (have not gotten any AAC multi-channel yet), I just convert to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit in the free audio-editor, Audactiy. Even my expensive Adobe Audition, does not like AAC.


          This is the second thread in two days on the AC1 CODEC. Must be something common there?


          PrE, like PrPro, are pretty narrow, with regard to the material that they work with. You might give the trial a spin, but I feel that you will probably find other software that will suit your needs better.


          BTW - what camera are you producing this footage with?


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This is the other AC1 THREAD.


            Missed the QT part of your question - yes, PrE works closely with QT Player (much more so, than PrPro), so that is necessary, and should be updated. Seems that 7.6.6 might be another good version, like 7.5.5 was. The versions in between did not play "nice" with Adobe programs.


            Also, WMV is a highly-compressed format, using various MS CODEC's. It is designed for streaming delivery-only, and is not designed to be edited. If that is all you have to work with, I would look into Windows Movie Maker.


            Good luck,



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              Gonzchi Level 1

              Thank you very much Bill,


              When you say AC1 , you mean the video codec on WMV files, right? Actually I dont care for WMV at all, just wanted to know how PrE is architectured.


              I am completely new to video editing, I just bought a new GoPro HD camera and I am looking for the right workflow that will enable me to edit very simple skydiving videos.  I usually like to use free software, but it seems there is no advaced free video editor yet.  PrE looks good, at least from what I have seen.


              The camera outputs MP4 files with H264 (AVC) video and AAC audio, so this is really all I need for now.






              I guess I could transcode (and repack)  the MP4 to DV AVI (with mpeg streamplip or mp4cam2avi)  and then edit in DV AVI either in PrE or Windows Movie Maker.

              And then render the final video in an MP4 container again with H264 and AAC.  Or render in DV AVI and then convert back to MP4.

              But apparently WMM does not support export of HD video, I am investigating how to create my own export profiles to see if this is possible or not.



              Anyway, PrE looks like a good option, at least from what I have seen. It looks much more advanced that WMM. So I just wanted to know how it works as I was  afraid it would mess up all my direct show codecs like ffdshow which work very well for me.


              Thank you very much


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                Gonzchi Level 1


                I wouldnt ever what to do something with a MS proprietary codec.  Just wanted to learn how PrE is implemented. I use DirectShow players (like media player classic) withe the CCCP codec pack (which includes ffdshow) and I was afraid that PrE would mess up my codecs.


                In reality, I want to edit MP4 (H264/AAC) video.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  When you say AC1 , you mean the video codec on WMV files, right?


                  Well, the "wrapper" seems to be WMV, or AVI. Depends on the source of that footage.


                  As for the GoPro, earlier (and maybe smaller versions?) editions used Xvid, IIRC. The H.264 will be much more mainstream, though the AAC Audio might be an issue. As I mentioned, with 2-channel AAC, I just convert that Audio stream to PCM/WAV. Not sure how well, or poorly, PrE 8 might accommodate it. The number of channels could be an issue, as well.


                  Not sure of the exact Audio stream with AVCHD 5.1 SS, but that might be AAC too?


                  Good luck,




                  BTW - many users have had better luck with the Lead, or MainConcept H.264, than with the one from Apple. Most of the issues, that I have read of, have been with Export, and the H.264.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I was afraid that PrE would mess up my codecs.


                    There should be no issue there. Adobe is very clean, with just a few CODEC's, and those are actually specifically named, so that they are "hidden" and it'd difficult for another program to overwrite those. As an aside, G-Spot, and Sherlock the CODEC Detective will give you false-positives, that the Adobe MainConcept CODEC's are broken, due to that naming convention - nothing to worry about. Now, other programs can alter the priority of CODEC's in the Registry, but can seldom find the Adobe CODEC's. Adobe also does not overwrite any existing CODEC's. It is very benign in that respect.


                    The only hesitation that I have is FFDShow, because of the issues that it has caused with Adobe programs, primarily PrPro. I just do not know how well Adobe PrE 8, and FFDShow will play together.


                    Good luck,




                    PS - thanks for the update on the GoPro. We have seen versions of it around, but sounds like the new one has made some significant changes. Hope that all works well together.

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                      Gonzchi Level 1

                      Thanks so much, you´ve been very helpful.

                      I will give it a try. If PrE tries to use ffdshow at any time for playback, I will notice it because an icon appears in the system tray.


                      Yes,  GoPro is much better now. They released only 2 models , the old one (standard def) is not very good. The new one, GoPro HD is awesme and is standard H264 / AAC. For sports like skydiving , it rocks!


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Good luck, and fly safely!


                        Please report how it works in PrE 8 trial. Note: the only limitation of the trial is that it Exports with a watermark, and this FAQ Entry will help you deal with that, should you purchase.



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                          Gents -

                          Sorry if this is a newbie question, but the Codecs have me running in circles.  I am new to Premiere 8, but I love the interface ... except for one thing.  When I create a movie and trie to download to youtube or facebook, they do not recognize the adobe program.  How do I convert to something like mpg4 or one of the many other recognized [whatever the heck they call the code after the "."]  Thanks for your help!

                          B Weber in Seattle.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            B Weber,


                            I am anything but an expert on YouTube. However, this FAQ Entry might be helpful to you.


                            For a background on CODEC's, this ARTICLE might be useful.


                            Now, when it comes time to Export, everything for AV files is located on the Share tab. There, one can choose the general type of Export/Share. Most of these have drop-downs, or lists, and then many have Options/Advanced buttons, that will allow one to choose things like CODEC's, etc.


                            Much of this changed in PrE 8, and I do not have that version, so I can't post a simple screen-cap, showing the exact location of the choices of CODEC's, etc.


                            Good luck,



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                              RKTect001 Level 1

                              Thanks, Hunt!  That is exactly what I needed.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                You are most welcome, and hope that that will help.


                                Happy editing,