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    Help required with writing an xml parser function

      Hi guys

      I'm trying to write a function that will parse through an xml document and store the contents into variables,
      I can write it by using lots of for and if loops (which is a lot of code if there are lots of nodes) however i'm pretty sure there's a really neat and concise way of writing it in a function call that calls itself if there are childNodes, but I can't get my head around the logic,

      Can anyone give me some suggestions as to how to write such a function?

      Here is some example code which i'm using at the moment....

      //check for child nodes for node 1
      for (i=0; i<this.childNodes.length; i++) {
      _root["node"+i+"Name"] = this.childNodes .nodeName;
      _root["node"+i+"Value"] = this.childNodes
      //check for child nodes for node 2
      if (this.childNodes .hasChildNodes()) {
      for (j=0; j<this.childNodes
      .childNodes.length; j++) {
      _root["node"+i+"."+j+"Name"] = this.childNodes .childNodes[j].nodeName;
      _root["node"+i+"."+j+"Value"] = this.childNodes
      //check for child nodes for node 3
      if (this.childNodes .childNodes[j].hasChildNodes()) {
      for (k=0; k<this.childNodes
      .childNodes[j].childNodes.length; k++) {
      _root["node"+i+"."+j+"."+k+"Name"] = this.childNodes .childNodes[j].childNodes[k].nodeName;
      _root["node"+i+"."+j+"."+k+"Value"] = this.childNodes

      Is it possible to convert this code into a concise function that will call itself if there are any childNodes?

      Many thanks for your responses :-)