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    Can't Change Gradient Colors

      when i go to make a gradient, i can only choose the preset colors...when i try to click on the little color ball on the box that pops up where you can adjust the gradient, nothing happens...anyone have a solution?
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          pixlor Level 4
          The little multi-colored ball that, when you get it picking colors in the Mixer palette brings up the system color picker? When you first start to edit a gradient, that symbol is just there to indicate that the two little "paint chips" below the display gradient are what you click on to choose the colors. The two paint chips above the gradient choose the opacity.

          You can click and drag these paint chips to move them, but if you just click, you get the color picker.

          I'm not sure I made sense, there....
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            elevatevisuals Level 1
            ok, i didn't get it at first but then i clicked those little arrows on the bottom of the gradient box and color chooser came up! so i figured it out basically now thanks to pixlor.

            thanks a lot
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              pixlor Level 4
              You know, I never thought about it before, but that color ball is used in two different ways in the user interface: one is a button that launches the system color picker and the other is a static label. The inconsistency is probably not the best usability.

              Glad you figured out what I was trying to say, though! :)