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    Customizing a Window with a Skin

      I need to know if it is possible to customize a skin in a window that will be used to generate a CHM file.
      Checking the Window properties i can't find an option where i can apply an image or different colors to
      it's contents. I want to apply the same skin i used to generate the Web Help.
      Does anyone knows if it is possible to do this ?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Alba

          Possible? Yes

          Easy? Not really. I've done it by creating a .CHM that is nothing more than a shell. Then importing a WebHelp system as nothing more than a collection of Baggage files. You may download and view one of these by Clicking Here. Note that I used FlashHelp and not WebHelp, but the same principle applies.

          Cheers... Rick
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            ROBOHELP_HTML Level 1
            Hi Chris: I checked the CHMTest file and that is exaclty what i'm looking forward to do. Change the colors and the appearance of the upper toolbar. But i don't understand what U mean about "importing". Do i need to generate a web help file with the skin and then import it ??
            Explain this to me, please.
            Thanks, again
            Alba :)