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    What are pdf attachments?

    Kenford Level 1

      I have a pdf I created. I'm trying to reduce the file size... something I do quite often (by just going to Document > Reduce File Size). However, in this instance, I'm getting the following message: "This PDF file contains attachments. PDF Optimizer will not process the attachments. You'll need to open each attachment and run this command to process all files."

      I did not attach anything to the document, so it must mean something that I'm not understanding. I created the file using QuarkXPress 7. I just imported images (vector mostly, but a few bitmapped images). I have never had this issue before, so I'm not sure what to do about it. Oh... and if I just hit "OK" it does reduce the size slightly... from 7 mb to 6.7. Normally it will go down to less than 1 mb.



      PS I'm using Acrobat 9 Professional