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    Image maps in Flex

      Is it possible using Flex/ActionScript to place an image on a form and allow users to mouseclick on parts of the form and use that information to tell where (approximately) they clicked? I've been looking for a simple example that does something like the following example:

      Put up an image of a car (side view), and allows me to pick either the front of the back of the car from a Flex application. there will be a list box that will be populated with the text 'Front', 'Back' or both 'Front' and 'Back' on separate lines of the list box.

      In reality, I need many more locations to return data points from, but if I an find out how to do something this simple, expanding it should be easy.

      I see there are non-Flex Adobe tools to do this with, but I'm only using the Flex Builder 2 tool to do my coding with, so I really don't want to use another tool if I don't need it. My Images will be provided by an outside source.

      How would I do this?