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    fail on error?

    acastrucc Level 1

      I'm wondering if, like pmd, flexpmd has a notion of fail.on.error setting?


      i.e. using ant to invoke pmd I might do

      <antcall target="pmd">
                  <param name="fail.on.error" value="false"/>


      One might want to have a daily build fail on flexpmd errors etc.

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          Xavier Agnetti Adobe Employee



          Yes there is one: failOnError

          You should be good to go with that.



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            Hi Xavier,


            We've been using failOnError with some degree of success, but there is a problem..


            This parameter causes the build to fail immediately. As a result the xslt transformation task to generate the report of the failing run isn't executed.

            We'd rather fail the build in a similar way to the way we fail our flexUnit run, by setting a fail task up at the end of our macrodef:




            <fail if="flexPMD.failed" message="PMD failed - check reports"/>



            But this would obviously require flexPMD to populate some kind of environment variable with its status.


            Is this possible at the moment?


            kind regards,


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              Xavier Agnetti Adobe Employee

              Hi Espen,


              No it is not possible at the moment.

              Feel free to create a enhancement for that.