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    Dreamweaver CS4 RDS not working with CF9

    DCwebGuy Level 1

      While on CF8 Enterprise (Jrun4 multi-server edition) I had a vendor sandbox established and they were connecting flawlessly via RDS.  The vendor also has DW CS4, and I could duplicate their connection from my CS4 locally with no problem.


      Now I recently upgraded to CF9 Enterprise (standard install), recreated all the sandbox stuff and user account exactly (I had settings printout from CF8), yet for some reason absolutely cannot view any files via RDS.  I can make a connection, not getting an invalid login message, but the folder just shows up as a folder icon with no files listed underneath.  I just don't understand.  All the setting, username/password, etc., are the same.


      I thought maybe it was due to a CF8/CF9 conflict so I then removed CF8 from the server, rebooted, still no luck.


      Can someone please tell me how to set up an RDS connection between DW CS4 and CF9?  I've been using CF 12 years, and I'm stumped.  I can't even find any log info to explain the weirdness.  It's weird because I connect but only see the folder, no files.  My vendor experiences the same thing.  If I was doing something wrong I would expect to get a connection denied kind of message but I don't.


      Thanks for any advice.