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    clear cpd, topics removed from project list, snippets deleted from disk


      Hi all...


      RoboHelp HTML 8.0.1

      Windows box, local disk


      I had a project that I copied to another location and name -- wanted to branch off a new version. I've done this before.


      I noticed that my topics pod showed only 6 out of the 100+ topics I have in the project (not a huge project). Oddly, I could generate help and all the topics got generated.


      I saw that the cpd file was 5 meg -- I found descriptions that you can clear the cache and things should be ok.  I did that, and still the topics are missing.  So I tried deleting the cache and xpj file, then opening the project via the hhp file.  This gets weird...  It opens with only 6 topics.  The snippets (I have about 15 snippets) start to flash.  Then RoboHelp starts to delete them one by one.  They get removed from the snippets pod, and they get DELETED from my hard disk.


      Actually, things are intermittent.  Sometimes I can see all the topics, but no snippets.  Sometimes I see 6 topics and no snippets.


      Fortunately, I had saved off a zip of the project, and I can reconstruct things.  I was lucky, and took an instance of all topics, no snippets -- saved it off and manually added the snippets back.  So now I have a project with a smaller cpd file, and it seems to have all the content.


      Needless to say, one's confidence is not inspired.  I hope and pray that this version of the project will hold up as I move forward.  It seems wisest to work on the project with the smaller cpd file.  Opinions?  Also, will there be a patch to fix this issue?  It's a data loss bug, and that makes it pretty serious...  worse than a crash bug.