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    Need Help with Rotating Banner ad(please help)


      I am currently working on a flash project that rotates banners out auto and with button control, got the buttons to work just cant figure out how to get it  auto play throgh my bannersThis is the code i have for my project I am working on:
      My Projects has 3 layers:
      ( layer3)Actions:(coded on first frame)     Movieclip.prototype.elasticMove =  function(target, accel, convert) {
           step = step * accel + (target - this._x) * convert;
           this._x += step;


      (layer 2) My movie clip(it is one long strip that has all the banners in a row)(coded on first frame):nClipEvent  (enterFrame) {
                                           elasticMove(_root.newX, 0.5, 0.3)


      _root.newX= 1200;


      (layer1)(my buttons)(only code for one button all are the same code except the actual position they call):on(release){


      Let me know if i need to be a little more clear or you want a snap shot of my work, Another individual suggested that I use this code in the action layer:

      var newXA:Array=[0,600,1200,1800];
      var index:Number=1;
      function newXF(){
      _root.newX = newXA[index%newXA.length];


      It seems to work in the sense after a little bit it does change the banner auto and after you stayed on a banner for a while, but it always changes to the same banner.