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    Adobe DRM error when opening a digital book


      Hi. I receive the following error when I attempt to open a digital version of a book that I purchased a few years ago:-

      Adobe DRM Error
      System:  7
      State:  4
      Class:  15
      Code:  31
      Message:  Error on response from server.
      Scroll below or view error.log for more details.
      Your Adobe software could not be activated.
      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.
      Adobe DRM Activator error.
      Client Code:  31 - HTTP Code:  555
      Fault location:  15
      --- end ---
      Can any one help me to resolve it please?



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          You are trying to open a book fulfilled with Adobe Content Server 3, which you did not migrate (open up in Adobe Digital Editions) in the past 2 years.

          At this point if you do not have a copy of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 7.x that you can read this on, the content will no longer be readable at all.


          I would suggest talking to seller to see if they will let you redownload the content.

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            Is there any other solution available, from you folks at Adobe?  I'm having the exact same problem with an ebook that I bought from Amazon in 2004, one which they no longer "support."  If you could point me to an older version of the Adobe Reader or Acrobat that I could download, I'd be happy to try that solution.


            Thanks for any help you can provide!



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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Unfortunately for you the activation servers needed to activate Acrobat no longer exist.

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                lorenking Level 1

                What a truly awful policy.


                So, here I am coming back to an ebook I purchased three years ago, only to find that it's *my* fault I cannot access the book I paid for, because I should have been studiously following the intricacies of your petty updates and server migrations, or else I simply lose my rights to access the book (access rights, by the way, that are apparently now controlled not by the author -- whom I know personally -- or the publisher, but by you clowns at Adobe!?!).


                Really lame, adobe. Really lame.


                I should have bought the hard copy, which I could have taken off the shelf whenever I wanted, years after purchase, without having to worry about whether or not I migrated my license to whatever server, etc etc.


                Really appalled by this.

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                  Sn1ggl3fr1tz Level 1

                  Fyi, I discovered that Reader 7 version was sufficient to open my older drm protected .pdf book.  So, that solved my problem -- maybe it will solve yours, as well.


                  I'm not sure if I'm permitted to post links to other sites, so I'll avoid it, but there are several sites out there that keep older versions of software.  I'm not exactly sure which ones are safe, though, so be sure to do a little homework before installing anything from a third-party site.


                  Good luck, everyone.