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    Add fixed .SRT subtitles to a video?


      Hi guys.

      Is there a way i can add a subtitle .srt or any other format (fixed) to a movie using premiere elements 8?

      I really need that feature!


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          To do pure Subtitles, you will need to look into a full-featured authoring application, such as Adobe Encore, DVD Studio Pro, or Sonic Scenarist. The  closest that you can do with PrE is to use Lower-thirds and pretty much manually Copy/Paste your Subtitle text to those. Note: these will be burned into the Exported/Shared Video, unlike a real Subtitle, or CC, where the user can turn ON/OFF, or switch the language.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] I do not know if Sony's DVD Architect can do Subtitles, but might be worth a look, as it is much less expensive, than the others that I mentioned.


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            Adriebm Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.

            Um using right now two softwares.

            Cyberlink Power Director Ultra 8 and Premiere Elements 8.


            Cyberlink Power Director Ultra 8 supports it, but doesnt support Italic or Bold the .srt file must be edited before use it.

            I burned lots of mp4s with embedded subtitles on it.


            Since i have problems using both due to shared files used by them, gonna uninstall APE8.

            Sorry Adobe maybe next time!


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              That's interesting to know about CyberLink PowerDirector. I have an earlier version installed, but it has very limited authoring capabilities. Guess that much was added to the suite. I now have another recommendation, and at a much more attractive price-point than DVD Studio, or Encore. As Sonic Scenarist starts at about US $ 15K, it is seldom an option.


              Good luck, and thanks for the info,



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                Welcome dora

                See this tutorial: How to import .srt subtitles into Adobe Premiere



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Welcome to the forum, and thank you for that link!





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                    From an article on how to add subtitles (SRT, ***, SSA, IDX, and SUB, etc included) to MP4, I learn that:


                    There are many kinds of subtitle formats: SRT, ***, SSA, IDX, and SUB, etc today. One of the most widely used formats for subtitles is SRT (SubRip), which is supported by most video players, subtitle editing tools and some hardware home media players. Even YouTube supports .srt files.


                    SSA (Sub Station Alpha), is a subtitle format used by the famous subtitle editor, SubStation Alpha. It has an enormous amount of options including Karaoke, audio effects, graphic drawing etc. ***, similar to SSA, is another popular subtitle format.


                    SubViewer (.sub) files are the native subtitle format of the SubViewer utility. SUB file usually comes from DVD subtitle, which contains subtitle images. Where there is a SUB file, there must be an IDX file. IDX file is a text file which specify which image in SUB file should be showed at specific time. SubViewer became popular when support for it was included in the DivX media player. On August 28 2008, YouTube included support for SubViewer and SubRip, allowing existing videos to be retroactively subtitled.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      You realize that you have posted in a 3 year old thread.


                      So, I would ask - what version of Premiere Elements on what computer operating system was in use where you put this software to use

                      for your project - presumed using a .mp4 export from some version of Premiere Elements.


                      Is this supposed to be a free software or rather just a free download tryout?



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                        newyearh95393579 Level 1

                        I just a easy step by step guide on how to add srt video from adding subtitles to video files.


                        This guide can easily help to:


                        Add subtitles to MP4 like add SRT to MP4, add SSA to MP4, add SUB and IDX to MP4 and more;


                        Add subtitles to MP4 as well as keep the original video format or change MP4 to MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, ASF, WebM, 3GP, etc;


                        Also can attach subtitles to almost all kinds of video clips  like MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, ASF, AVHCD, MOD, MTS, MXF, WebM, SWF and  more;