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      Hello everyone,


      I usually edit in Windows Movie Maker - I find it easy to use, full of features and easy to manipulate to create mini-films.


      I'm no Peter Jackson but I am really getting into film making. I am a teacher and I offered to edit (for my sins) a short film for my pupils with lots of HD Quicktime clips shot using a simple Canon camera. I tried to import them into WMM but it would not let me so I have had to learn and use Premiere Pro CS3 for the first time. I've edited the footage (which taken a LONG time), coloured it, layered music etc etc but I cannot FINISH THE PROCESS OFF!! It renders up to around 23% and then a window shows the following:


      "Premiere Pro has encountered an error.



      I press okay and then it shows:


      "Application failed to return a video frame. Cancelling the operation".


      Any ideas - it's driving me up the wall! I can assume that I have a bad video clip in there somewhere - is there a cleansing process I could do?


      A frustrated first-time PP CS3 user....




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          The "Failed to Return a Video Frame" is most often related to there being a gap in your Video somewhere. With that 23% point in mind, I'd calculate the approximate Frame and look very carefully around there. Even a single one Frame gap can bring a Project to its knees.


          Good luck, and let us know if you find the gap - remember - look very carefully.



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            What camera, what sequence setting, what codec, what version, what hardware, what OS, etc.


            Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Go through your timeline with a tooth pick and look for gaps (could even be one frame), the need to be removed or filled.

              As usual Bill beat me to it.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                When looking for a gap, I will zoom the Timeline horizontally to about the max, and will then step through the Clips, one at a time. I hit Home, and then PageDn (PageUP to go back) to advance one Clip at a time. The CTI (Current Time Indicator) should jump from Clip to Clip. If it seems to "hiccup," or "pause," then you have usually found your gap. How you handle it, will depend on what you wish to do. could be as simple as just increasing the Duration of one Clip, or the other, by that 1 - 2 Frames.


                Hope that helps,



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                  mynameisnikolaas Level 1

                  Thanks for that - I will go through the footage now. So I understand, there cannot be a single gap? There always needs to be video, photography or text?

                  Much appreciated! Thanks.

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                    mynameisnikolaas Level 1

                    Wow, thanks Bill. Really useful. Will let you know how I get on.

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                      I think that it is because I am closer to San Jose, than you are - the string between the "soup cans" is shorter...


                      Now, let's hope that there is an evil little gap lurking somewhere, and that it's easy to spot and fix.



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                        mynameisnikolaas Level 1

                        Thanks Bill - really fantastic advice. Will let you know how I get on!

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          There can be gaps, but there should not be. The Video should be contiguous. Now, it does not have to be on just one Video Track, just as any gaps are "covered." Audio can have all the gaps you want.


                          Now, let's get back to my very first four words, "there can be gaps." While I have seen a single Frame gap bring a Project to its knees, I inherited a Project that had over 900 gaps in the Timelines. The previous editor had already Transcoded to a series of DVD-Videos, so those did not affect the Export/Render/Transcode of the Timeline. How? I have no clue. One power-user here claimed to have NEVER had an issue and had gaps all the time. Don't know if he ever had a Project with 900+ gaps, like the one that I got, but gaps are odd things - sometimes they really get in the way (and often with your error message), but sometimes they don't bother the Project. Maybe some day, Mythbusters, or, How Things Work, will do a program, explaining this behavior.


                          A little trick, if one just cannot find a gap, is to go to the New icon in the Project Panel, and create some synthetic video, Transparent Video. Place that on an upper Video Track, and extend the Duration to cover the Timeline. That "covers" the gap(s). Now, I suggest this as a test, as if there is a gap, it'll be a "black flash," and likely not what one would want. It might go by so quickly, that it will be subliminal, but can jar the audience a bit, and they don't quite know why. Sorta like the single Frames that Brad Pitt's character cut into the films that he was projecting in Fight Club.


                          Where gaps really are an issue and on an almost always basis, is when one gangs Assets onto the Timeline in Encore for DVD/BD authoring. This often occurs, when one has Audio that is very slightly longer than the Video, even by an Audio Unit, or two. The DVD/BD specs. are based on Video, and Audio is second fiddle. Those gaps can be killers, and should ALWAYS be closed, even if one has to re-Export the Audio, that has been shortened, ever so slightly. As I edit to Sequences, where each one is basically my "chapter," I never gang any Assets on an Encore Timeline. Each is made up of just my single Video and Audio file. I also start each Sequence from Black Video and end with Black Video. There is an 02 sec. silent section at the beginning, as I work in DD 5.1 SS, and many high-end players need that time to lock onto the DD 5.1 SS signal. I always end my Audio, just before the Video ends, to cover myself.


                          Hope that you have a gap, and only one, so that your "atonement for sins," is not too harsh.


                          Happy gap hunting. Using my "method" up-thread, you'll quickly see what I mean about the CTI "hiccuping" over a gap. Even at full zoom, they can just flat be impossible to see, regardless of your monitor's size and rez.



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                            OK, wow! Just downloaded CS5 trial. Try Media Encoder wmv to avi. after 1 hour in, this crash. So it's been around years. Just explodes and dumps to the line of code. no error handling? no log, no feedback to help us? First thing i learned in programming is to handle errors or you're just a hacker.This is why the world is moving to Final Cut. Adobe just keeps charging an upgrade fee and selling the same old stuff that's broken.


                            Time to move over to Final Cut. There is no chance Adobe is ever going to care enough to fix their software I guess. THIS is why Apply is tired of them and not allowing Flash to crash their iProducts any more.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Welcome to the forum.


                              Without pertinent details, there is no help that we can offer.


                              Good luck with FCP, as it never has problems - just ignore the posts on that forum.



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                                If anyone has found a solution for this problem, please let me know in this thread: