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    Wish list for Flash Tutorials

    barpos Level 1



      Going through the tutorial videos, sometimes I have to call a friend to find out what the word I can't grasp is.  Example, on one of the tutorials, the lady says "in the authoring environment", but I could not hear the word "authoring" properly.  My neighbor friend thought she was saying "operating environment".  But after searching the help pages for "Flash environment", "authoring" came up and was able to finally guess the word I was not able to distinguish.


      This happens to me frequently.  My simple wish is for those videos to include caption text.  Hey, they do it for most TV programs nowadays, why not tutorials.  After all, tutorials are so much more important to be understood.


      Just a thought ...






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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should be directing this to the people who create the tutorials you speak of.  Though I may be wrong, I doubt they are hanging around here.  A few I have come across are too full of themselves to realize that what they offer might be flawed.

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            barpos Level 1

            Oh well, if they prefer to hide ... they'll never know what

            customers want.


            BTW, I have two other [major] problems with the tutorials.


            1. When I bring them into full screen they eventually freeze.  I have to scale them back into normal size video.


            2.  After about an hour away from the PC, the pending tutorial starts to play on its own.  Last night while I was sleeping, my PC started to play the last tutorial on its own.  It just happened now.  While having dinner, the current tutorial started to play again, as if it had a mind of its own.


            Or ... is there a problem with my flash player installation??