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    motherboards ,processors and memory  - Thread

    shooternz Level 6

      Could we get a Hardware thread(s) going on "Tested" (supported) motherboards and Processors and memory please.


      I would hope the Adobe Tech Guys would start this one off based on their experience and test hardware.


      Then it would be great if the early adopters (guinea pigs)  contribute...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          At the moment, while I support your idea, I think that practical constraints do not make this feasible yet. Who, apart from Adobe, can really 'certify' a mobo, CPU, memory as: "This works"? One can tell I used it on this platform and I had no problems while another says: I used the same platform and encountered these problems....


          Consider all the testing necessary to be able to say: "This has been fully tested and is certified".


          Consider why Adobe limited itself to only support 4 CUDA cards now. And why OpenCL is not yet supported?


          You have to realize that the development stage takes a very long time, extensive testing and since they refrained from public beta's they need to use all the input from a limited group of beta testers with limited hardware and still meet the deadline for ALL programs in the Master Collection to be ready at the same time. It is announced today and has to be ready for shipment by May. That is a serious limitation and also the reason there just was not enough time for them to "Certify" additional video cards I guess. OpenCl may have come into the market too late to be included in this development stage, but who knows what the future will bring?


          For the rest, I guess again, but the hardware that worked with CS4 will work just as reliably with CS5. The only thing we know now is that supported formats have been increased, both for ingest and export, stability and speed has been increased, bugs have been removed and features added.