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    LocalConnection Multiple SWFs

    Vimpact Level 1

      I'm attempting to have one primary SWF use LocalConnection to connect to several secondary SWF instances running locally on my machine. The number of secondary SWFs running is always random. When I open the secondary SWFs they attempt to establish a local connection. When all the SWFs are opened, the primary SWF is opened and I press the update button to get a list of all the SWFs that are currently running.

      Unfortunatly, it only works for one SWF. The documentation I'm reading says that once you connect to a local connection object you won't be able to open another connection with the same name until the previous connection is closed. My problem is that I need all those connections to be waiting in the background until I press the update button. Also, there is a chance that I could have multiple instances of the same SWF running.