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    Cue Points in Flex 4 and Spark VideoPlayer


      I started using Spark VideoPlayer for a project thinking it was just a wrapper on top of VideoDisplay, while this is true, there are 2 VideoDisplays... my familiar arch-enemy from Flex 3 mx VideoDisplay and spark VideoDisplay. Naturally, Spark VideoPlayer is built on top of Spark VideoDisplay. However, some of the features that I know and uhm... hate ... from mx VideoDisplay are not available in the spark version, namely cuepoints.


      There's a lovely hack over here: http://blog.flexexamples.com/2009/05/26/listening-for-cue-point-events-on-a-spark-videopla yer-object-in-flex-gumbo/

      on how to get to what I want, but it doesn't work anymore because the mx_internal API has changed.


      Anyone know how to do this easily? (just for the record, I need to set and capture cuepoints in Spark)