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    Is there a way to go to the next and previous frame labels?

    Andrew Smith Level 2
      I know how to go to a specific frame label in Flash, however what I want to do is have one "onrelease" script for going to the next frame label regardless of where I am in the movie. Director allows you to do this rather easily with their timeline markers and the "gonext" and "goprevious" lingo scripts. Is there an equivalent in Flash? I found someone who figured out a way to let you do this while authoring a flash movie (the LabelJumper at http://www.dave-logan.com/weblog/?p=46 ), but I want to allow the viewer to do this.

      The project is essentially a slideshow presentation that is timed precisely to the audio file of the presenter. I have created a presentation in Flash I"m happy with, however I'm struggling with giving the user "next slide" and "previous slide" buttons. I know that Flash 8 Pro has a new Slide Presentation mode, however this solution has audio issues. It seems as if there should be a simple way to go to the next or previous frame label. I found some references in this and other forums to the "anchor" type of frame label, however this only seems to apply to browser viewing. I'm actually using Director to display my finished Flash presentation as part of a CD-Rom project. I've got a nice slider and play/pause solution working well, however getting the next and previous buttons working has been a challenge.

      I'm also trying to figure out a way to have Director display text that tells the viewer which slide they are on. The simplest way to do this seemed to be making the frame label for a slide be something like "Slide 1 of 25", however getting Director to see and use frame labels from Flash is harder than I thought it would be. It seems that I have to set a variable in Flash that continually checks to see what the current frame label is and then have Director use "getVariable" to get it to display in the Director file. I would appreciate any suggestions for how to do this as well. Thanks folks for any assistance you can render.

      Andrew Smith
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