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    Tab ordering issue in Popup screen(Title window)


      Hi All,

      I need to remove the tab order from sub app after launching popup from it my whole setup as follows:

      Main Application(Shell) which launches  the sub App through swflaoder and the sub app which launches the popup screen using createpopup with respect to parent object as Main app(Shell) because it allows me to use native popupmanager functionalities like centre popup method otherwise if i launch popup screen in the scope of popup button in sub app i need to manually centre the popup by trail and error menthod (No issues for  tab ordering in this approach).I have other considerations so  i went thorugh my first approach by launching popup through main app scope but the issue is tab ordering going to sub app and then comes to popup screen for the first time launch afterwards working fine,Please help me  to ignore tab ordering to sub app during first time popup screen launch.