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    Splash Screen


      i have a .swf file which i want to use it before my application loads...


      i want the order to be

      1. spalsh Screen

      2. Starting page of the application


      Do i need to make a new state for the ,swf file?? if yes how can i make my application go to the main screen after the playback of swf finishes??

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          David_F57 Level 5



          What you need is a custom preloader, you can create preloaders in actionscript and the only constraint is that they only contain functions that the flashplayer recognises(i.e. you can't use framework components etc.. ).


          To have the splash screen as part of your application the app would need to load first which sort of defeats the purpose of having the splash screen. I haven't experimented with embedding swf's in a preloader but I am sure that it would be possible.


          this is a link to a basic preloader using flex 4- the main app doesn't display till until everything is ready.


          http://flashhub.net/ezflex/testloader/ source code enabled.