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    Flex and AMFPHP Messing Up Directory Locations?

    Striker9099 Level 2

      Hey everyone. I'm building a CMS system for multi-category image gallery using Flex and PHP. For that I'm using AMFPHP to do all the Flex-PHP communication and everything is working fine so far. Then I wanted the script to create a directory for each created category. Inside Flex (inside the src folder) I created a directory called "images" and then I tried to create the categories inside it (dynamically) but I keep getting errors. Should I create the categories inside the amfphp folder or what?


      What I know is that only the bin-debug is created in the root folder of my local server. Then how am I supposed to do this? and when I compile the release build will everything be available for upload or what am I supposed to do?

      Sorry if I'm sounding stupid but I'm totally ignorant about this. I'm new to Flex and I'm still trying to find my way around it.


      Thanks in advance!