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    Export multiple slices and preserve slice name?

    ausman Level 1

      I am very particular about naming my slices what I want the filename to be, then do the right-click > export slice on each graphic, but when you have to do that for 50 slices it gets pretty annoying.


      Is there a way to select a bunch of slices and export them with their current slice name, all at the same time? Rather than just giving it the generic root - name that they all go off of.




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          pixlor Level 4

          If you name the slices in the Web Layer (double-click on "Slice" then type a name without an extension), then that's the name they get when they're exported.


          When I want to export only some of my slices, here's what I do:

          1. Select the slices (either on the canvas or in the Web layer)
          2. Go to File > Image Preview
          3. Adjust any parameters (the Properties panel has limited selections, so this is one good option)
          4. Click the Export button
          5. For the Export: drop-down, select "Images Only"
          6. For the Slices: drop-down, select Export Slices
          7. Check box next to "Selected slices only"
          8. Click the Save button


          If you go through File > Export, you skip steps 3 and 4. If you've already optimized your file parameters, then you might prefer this workflow.


          I'm using CS3, but I don't think this process changed in CS4.