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    Problems with menuitem "toggled"


      I cant find out why I cannot add an atribute to menuitem like toggled="true"...

      Maybe someone has any idea?

      Here is my code: (thats not all, but you should understand what I want to do)




                  public var menuBarCollection2:XMLListCollection;




      private var menubarXML2:XMLList =<>

                      <menuitem label="Vartotojų tipas">

                          <menuitem label="Mokinys" data="mokinysData"type="check"/>

                          <menuitem label="Moderatorius" data="moderatoriusData" type="check"/>

                          <menuitem label="Administratorius" data="administratoriusData"type="check"/>

                          <menuitem label="Auklėtoja" data="aukletojaData"type="check"/>


                      <menuitem label="Veiksmai">

                          <menuitem label="Trinti" data="trintiData"/>

                          <menuitem label="Perkelti į kitą klasę" data="perkeltiData"/>






      // Event handler to initialize the MenuBar control.

                  private function initCollections():void {

                      menuBarCollection2 = new XMLListCollection(menubarXML2);






      <mx:MenuBar labelField="@label" 




      Tell me what am I doing wrong?