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    Year countdown




      I'm pretty new to After Effects and I need a little bit of tactics on how to realize a quite simple animation.


      I would like to create a year countdown from 2010 to 1735 - I'm pretty sure you've all seen it before somewhere; you know: you start at 2000 and then, every time deminishing by 1 the 2000 goes down to 1735.


      There has to be a smarter way to fix this, besides Making 265 text objects going from 2000 to 1735. Hey, I haven't got THAT much time..  I guess/hope you can work with an animation somehow, because I've seen the 'Futuristic HUD' tutorial by An.Kr. and I know that I'm not that into the whole wiggle thing and all to go and explorer the possibilities myself. I've tried though, but.. na


      Anybody who has done something equal before or knows how to deal with it, I'd very much appreciate a repl

      Oh, and one more thing: it's the meaning that the numbers don't randomly chnange for a period and then end up being 1735. It would be nice if they would really countdown..


      Thanks alot,  Jef

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Effects --> Text --> Numbers



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            Brandalarm Level 1

            Thanks alot.


            Problem solved Only a shame that AE skips 4 or 5 numbers every time. No way way to make it count down every number, is there?



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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              There's no reason that any numbers should be missed, unless there are less frames in your countdown than years.  If you're counting down 265 years in 200 frames, obviously years will be missed.

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                bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                > I'm pretty new to After Effects and I need a little bit of tactics on how to realize a quite simple animation.<


                Welcome to the family.

                You're going to find there is nothing easy or simple about anything in After Effects. Even the most basic functions can be polished, finessed, and personalized with and endless variety of tools and effects. You should also know that this forum has a huge library of posts going back about 10 years. We've dealt with just about everything a few hundred times in different variations. Searching the forum will yield not only basic advice but rich suggestions on how to elaborate on basic functions.


                Hope you enjoy learning After Effects. Use all of the hundreds of free tutorials available on the Web and Youtube, open the huge manual and learn how to search it, have lots and lots of patience.



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                  Brandalarm Level 1

                  Hey Bogiesan,


                  Thanks for the rather poetical words

                  Yes, I know, AE and the other Adobe Stuff offers and endless variety of opportunities.

                  Meanwhile I've encoutered quite a few problems, which consume a lot of your time (like always), but from which you learn alot every time over and over again. And every issue you encounter, teaches you another thing about AE or any other program which you never ever paid attention to before.

                  For example: I just had a huge problem mixing the ACHDV and HDV presets in the Adobe programs, which taught me after a while the structure behind pixels and aspect ratios. Never realised before that 1,3 or 1,0 was in fact the length/stretch of a pixel..


                  So yes, it's and endless bath - whether you take that as something good or something bad is up to everyone to decide himself.

                  I like it, yet I can get very frustrated if something takes a lot of time..



                  Anyway, its good for me patience.