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    Making a diagonal a straight vertical on a letter...

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      I'm trying to make the right side diagnol of the letter A (in Caps) from the font Adriane Lux become a straight vertical.


      I'd also like to extend the left diagnol (incl" the serif).


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Not very attractive, but…


          1. Type the “A’ and convert to outlines.

          2. Draw a vertical guide and align it with the vertex of the inner counter (the triangle inside the “A’), then use the Direct Select tool (white arrow) to drag components to align with the guide.

          3. Type a “U’, convert to outlines, then rotate 90°. Align the now bottom left foot of the “U” with the left foot of the distorted “A”. It would help to keep these letters on separate layers.

          4. Again, using the Direct Select Tool, delete the foot of the “A” and cut away all but the necessary foot of the “U”. Locking the “A” layer will make it easier to work on the “U”, and vice-versa. Join the circled points to complete the shape. Yes, it still needs work.

          5. Use the Pen tool to delete the extra points on the very left side of the “A”. Use the Direct Select tool to select the top-left point (left circled point), then switch to the Scale tool. Click on the top right point (other circled point) then click-and-drag to scale the selected point until the leftmost line of the “A” is vertical. Start the click-and-drag from SW (about 76 or 8 o’clock) of the selected point and hold Shift as you drag SW. Finally, use the Direct Select tool to select the right foot and drag to the desired length. Zooming in will make it easier to make sure you keep the leg straight.


          Here’s the file as an Illustrator CS3 file.

          Screen shot 2010-04-10 at 1.32.24 PM.PNG