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    Problems converting h.264 files for use in Premiere




      Given the fact that I've searched for an solution to this and everything I read is two steps ahead of me, I'm sure there is some basic no brainer thing that I'm overlooking and I apologize for being a noob.  I'm attempting to edit HD files for the first time and the files come out of the camera in h.264.  I first tried converting with mpeg streamclip but most of the codecs were apple.  I tried a few codecs but none of them worked properly with premiere (video in source monitor was jerky, or it'd play fast and freeze on the last frame for the duration of the clip instead of playing the entire clip at proper speed, etc.).


      I went through a few other programs and I've still had no success.  Every conversion I attempt has some issue in Premiere.  My new computer should have no issues running HD clips.  It's an i7 quad core with 8 gb RAM.


      I know I need to convert the h.264 files to edit in premiere, but I just need to know what program I can use to convert it and what codec will work in Premiere.