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    CS4.2 with Windows 7 playback stutters - any ideas?


      My cs3 on xp  pro on another computer plays back beautiful streaming video in automatic mode in the playback and timeline windows, but CS4 4.2 on my new core I7, 12 gig ram, 1 gig graphic card ati 4850 plays back a Draft quality in automatic mode with no stutter or slight shifts, but if I switch it to High Quality it looks nice, (Like automatic in CS3) but when there is any movement like turning a head or camera movement it looks like it's skipping frames here and there very subtlely.  I've tried turning off and on aero by right clicking on the shortcut, but it does no good.  I'd rally apprciate any ideas you may have.  I'm only cutting DV files at 29.9.  Thank you