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    Install of bata raw file plugin

    Don 007

      I installed the 5.7 bata raw file plugin into Windows 7 64 bit P.C.. It works great.  I did have trouble downloading it from this site.  I didn't know when the download was done, so I took a 25 min. break.  Had no trouble with it. Was able to get back to work with my new Canon T2I camera.  The download was hard to find in this support area. The colors are true and hope all of you will be as happy as I am.  I'm going to shoot a Water Fall this weekend and now I can use my new camera. I only use RAW files. This is the only way I have taken pictures for the last 5 yrs and will never go back to JPG. Don't get me wrong the printed picture can be from JPG, but I feel that your pictures are professional if you take them in RAW mode.  You can change exposure, lighting and so on and never change the Raw file. Thanks Canon, for being so quick in provideing us with this plugin.