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    CS4 64bit running on


      Has anyone running Win7 64bit and CS4 64bit .. we are evaluating this on a 64bit quad core processer running 4gig RAM.

      Before we go down this path we'd like to know if others have run this .. what have they discovered etc ...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Look here: http://ppbm4.com/Benchmark.html and decide for yourself.

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            zsportz Level 1

            Thanks Harm

            That's some analysis!


            Here's our situation ... we've been politely pointed out that our current editing machine is a wee bit underspec'd for editing HD and AVCHD footage .. agree .. as soon as we whip out the AVCHD no prob ....  so are planning on setting up Premier Pro on our data server which is a brand new quad core box, just for the occasions when we need to process both types of footage together.


            We have 2 potential config options and would be very interested in feedback ...


            We are running linex on the box ..


            We can either run Win7 64bit on a partition (dual boot) or run Win7 64bit as a Virtual Machine (the VM we would use is called Virtual Box).


            Interested if anyone has any experience with either ..


            Kind regards


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              In the Hardware sub-forum, Harm has done about a half-dozen articles on computers to get the most out of PrPro. I highly recommend reading those. As for your specific questions, he's our "go-to hardware guru," so I'm sure he'll have some great tips for you.


              For that AVCHD material, a fast Quad-core will about the minimum, that one can get by with, and the more CPU horsepower you have, the better things will be.


              One option might be to convert the AVCHD to HDV, and Import/edit that.


              Good luck,



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                zsportz Level 1

                Thanks Hunt


                We've not explored converting AVCHD to HDV .... how would you do that?

                We do use HDVSplit to download off tape (to get around audio/video out of sync problems we were having...)

                What is the best way to convert the AVCHD to HDV?

                Is there a program which converts AVCHD to HDV  .. or do you import into a timeline in CS4 and export as avi?


                Many thanks!!!  We are learning a lot thanks to the extremely helpful people on this forum who have been invaluable!!




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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >planning on setting up Premier Pro on our data server


                  Ah... does that mean you want to run PP on a networked computer, with PP on the server?


                  Or... do you plan to run PP via a keyboard and monitor connected to the server?


                  If the first... I am not aware that PP will work at all in a networed setup


                  If the second... you might post a different message asking about running PP on a server


                  As far as I know, PP doesn't even want to use FILES on a server, let alone running from one

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                    zsportz Level 1

                    Hi John


                    We'd plug in keyboard and monitor and effectively the server is just datafiles on a PC which we access from other computers via a hub.

                    For the purposes of running PP it would be just like running on a PC.  Sorry for adding "server" terminology into the mix.


                    So my questions really is ..

                    PC is running linux.

                    Does anyone have experience running CS4 64 bit either on a machine which has a dual boot partition - linux and Win 7 ... or linux running a Virtual Machine which has Win 7 64 bit and PP CS4 64 bit?




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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      I have no experience with PR in a VM. If you use the server as a purely local machine with dual boot, you may get by. Chances are that using it in a VM box, you will quickly run out of resources, since it is only a quad core, and that is already borderline for comfortable editing of AVCHD. Also it will mean that your server will effectively be out of order for file serving for long times.


                      If AVCHD editing is something you expect to do more in the future, I suggest you get a new PC. I would look at the economical model in this article: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/598040?tstart=30 to start with.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7



                        We use VMWare ESX/Sphere for virtualization and that works great, but only for relatively light tasks, like a print server, a file server, an Exchange server, a test server etc. and the main benefit is the easy system admin. For PR however, one needs all the resources one can get, so from that perspective running it in a virtual machine will be taxing it to the max, while your new system only has mediocre specs to start with. Only quad core and only 4 GB memory.


                        Such a system will be slow with AVCHD material to start with, the encoding you need to do will take lots of time, you may not have a decent video card (servers often skimp on video cards and use integrated graphics, since there is no need for them in a server), which further reduces performance, you need to have full administrative rights to avoid problems and it means in fact that your server will be down during editing sessions. Not ideal I think.


                        Hence my suggestion to look at a new system in my previous reply. Keep in mind that the budget model is intended for DV/HDV use, the economical model for AVCHD use and the warrior model for everything up to and including Red 4K.