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    AS2 vs. AS3 Button

      So in AS2 to add button functionality to a movie clip, you'd type:


      How is this accomplished in AS3 WITHOUT using external .as files, classes, etc?
      It seems like all the tutorials/books I read, they want to create the bible before anything can be done.

      If this is the case, why is AS3 better? I understand it appeals more to hard core programmers of Java, but what about therun-o-the-mill types who actually like Director's Lingo and can cope with AS2?

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          Ardy15jan Level 1
          Well, one of the big advantages AS3 has is that it`s 10 times faster than AS2. Then, it`s easyer to learn for beginners, because everyting is done similarly( you decalre any variable the same way, every listener etc...) etc...