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    Flash player starts and then stops to load screen


      We are running an on line course we are taking, we have windows 7, we have insatalled the latest version of flash palyer 10 into our system when we click on the th online course the audio starts than stops, the text page loads only part of the page as if the things are being blocked or something.  whe have allowed pop ups made sure in the privacy enebeling active x uninstalled the fire wall but still haveing the issue,  we have 4 computers and 2 of the four are haveing this issue the others the course loads fine and works.


      This is happening on a xp version on the other computer,but my other vista and window 7 computers are fine, what could be clocking the flash to load in these computers??  we are all using internet explorer and on one of the other computers that have the issue we installed fire fox and still the page will not load.  you tube and other sites work fine on all systems.