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    Problem with the Reader "search" command line option


      Our app opens PDF files by launching Acrobat Reader, and passes some words that need be highlighted via the command line (described here):


      AcroRd32.exe /A "search=WORD1 WORD2" "some.pdf"


      This works nicely on some Reader version. However, our QA (who else...) has Reader 8.1 installed, and for some reason it concatenates the search words. As a result, the single word WORD1WORD2 is searched for in the PDF, and not found. I've made sure the words are passed in correctly, so it seems to leaves the blame to Acrobat Reader.


      What I'm looking for is any kind of confirmation this is indeed a problem with the Reader. Version 9 works fine so on Adobe's part the problem has been solved. However, I'd really like to be sure this was a known bug which was fixed, rather than a bug that has magically disappeared, or worse - a problem on our part. How can I get such information?