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    PPro CS4 crashing when running on RAID 1

    claudioparoli Level 1

      Hi I used to have Premiere Pro CS4 running reasonably stable on a i7 920/12GB RAM, Vista Business system, with data on 2x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD's in a RAID 1 (mirror) arrangement. The RAID is Intel's Rapid Storage Technology off a Gigabyte X58 mobo.


      Then I moved the O/S and the applications (including CS4) on a separate system RAID 1 using the same Intel system. The computer is having terrible problems launching applications, with extremely long delays/system freezes/blue screens and so on. The problems are erratic, cannot identify any patterns.


      I thought Vista was getting long in the tooth after 18 months from installation so I performed a clean install of Win7 Home Premium, reinstalled CS4, upgraded everything.... Same result.


      My system builder maintains the system RAID should make no difference to the behaviour of the operating system and of CS4. We've checked temperature, RAM etc. It does not seem to be a hardware problem, although we're yet to replace the motherboard.


      The obvious answer would be to forgo the extra safety of the system RAID 1 and go back to having OS & apps on a single disk... or does anyone have any advice?


      Many thanks