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    Drop down menues


      I have a drop down menu whereby the clicking of a button causes it to move to a specific keyframe in the timeline. I also have multiple buttons which load external swf files.The problem is when i navigate to the drop down menu the loaded external files keep dissapering because they are not on the keyframe where the drop down menu is actuated. Is there any way of coding it so that which ever swf file is loaded remains there whilst the drop down menu moves to its specific stage in the timeline?


      Thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could probably create your menu as a movieclip that operates on its own timeline so that you don't have to make the main timeline serve its needs.


          Alternatively, you could have the movieclips that you load the external files into extend the full length of the timeline so that they are present regardless of where you travel along it.