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    Robohelp 6 nearly unusable.. "Building file list"

      Hello there-

      I have a project around 650 MB that was originally created in Robohelp X5. We have now migrated to 6 server and client.

      When opening Robohelp, it comes up as expected, quickly. When opening the project, it can be 20-30 minutes before the program becomes usable. CPU usage is maxed out, while "Building file list" is displayed in the lower left. Using a file monitor utility, I can see that Robohelp is reading all files referenced in the project, and writing to the CPD file.

      This occurs on every opening of the project, and has been attempted on multiple machines & installations of RH6, so I'm certain it's something with the project itself. Each time, the project is located on the local machine's C: drive. These machines surpass the minimum requirements, with a 3.2GHz P4 and 1 GB of RAM.

      So far, my only attempt at clearing this up has been to backup + remove the CPD file. This is not helping at all however. Any other tips on things I can attempt?