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    NAB 2010 - Whereabouts

    dradeke Adobe Employee

      We're announcing tomorrow and I hope you'll watch the live event.  I'll be in NAB all this week so answering less questions here than I might normally.  Actually, the last couple of months have been a struggle on that front as we got closer to release.


      Anyway, I'll be giving a few of the Intel booth presentations (North Hall) - Tuesday through Thursday and a WEVA thing on Monday night.  FCP supermeet Tuesday night and RED event on Wednesday night.  I also have a couple of presentations @ 2PM on M-W around broadcast news.  I won't be at the booth most of the time, but if you do stop by, ask the info counter if I'm around... If so, stop by and introduce yourself.  If I'm frazzled, brief or not what you expected, I sincerely hope that you'll understand.  Understand that I am truly thankful to be able to meet so many cool people and I hope I do see some of you there.