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    Print margin problem with PM 7.0


      Hi--I am a newbie to the forum and having a printing problem with a booklet. I'm running Vista 64 and my printer is an HP Model 390a. (Had no problem with an HP 2600 series in XP.) My book is a list of Club members, three columns, name, phone and e-mail address, with two pages occupying an 8.5 x 11-inch page, and with half-inch margins a line is 4-1/2 inches wide. Everything looks good in the Imposed section of the program--half-inch margins and 4-1/2" writing line for both odd and even pages. However, the printing results on an odd page is a 4-inch print line with a half-inch margin on the left and almost an inch on the right. An even numbered page will have opposite margins of an inch on the left side and half-inch on the right.

      I don't know why the writing line is only 4 inches. The same 4-inch writing line is present in the document before Imposing. I have assumed that the problem is with the printer but don't know how to set it up to utilize the full page margins.

      Thanks for any help out there.

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          PM isn't supported on any version of Vista, so it's not surprising there's problems with some printer drivers.

          You could try creating a PDF from your PM publication and print that instead, but there's no guarantees.


          If you're going to continue to use PM7, install it a Win2K or WinXP SP2 system.

          But for the longer term, move onto InDesign.

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            Mr. Zyx9uter4

            Sorry I cannot be of help to you in your 'print margin problem with PM 7.0.   But I've encountered a similar problem with PM7..

            I've just changed my printer from a 'Brother' to an 'H.P. and whereas the Brother always printed 'Pagemaker' documents correctly, the H.P prints them too high, in fact right to the top of the page with no top margin.   And if I try to lower the print on the screen, then although the top comes down to the correct position when printed, the bottom of the document doesn't come out at all.   As I have only just purchased the 'H.P' printer, naturally I approached the suppliers asking what was wrong.  However, when I admitted that 'Word' documents come out O.K, they quite reasonably said it must be something wrong with 'Pagemaker' and I should adjust the settings.   Regretfully, HELP is no 'help' at all in doing that.    All it said was 'double click TEXT and DRAWING TOOLS in the toolbox without any document being open.   I gather by TEXT, they mean the T symbol in the toolbox, but double clicking (or even single clicking) produces nothing.   Any ideas?   P.S.  Sorry about my confusing Screen Name.   I tried about 10 others, all just associated with me, and none were accepted.

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              Biker38 Level 1

              Mr. Z,   

                  As for my problem, returned to XP Pro where PM 7.0 used to work fine but I have the same margin problem as with Vista. Everything looks good on the monitor but the printed page has irregular margins. Same problem results when converting to PDF format as was suggested. I'm thinking now that my printer is the culprit. Frustration!

                  You don't say what OS you are using or how old the HP is. My first replier mentioned that PM is not compatible with Vista, at least to the extent of some drivers, which is no doubt true. Sounds like you have more material than can be accommodated by the available space. What happens if you use smaller fonts or compress things a little and then drop down from the top?

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                Biker38 Level 1

                Hi BigJohnD,

                    Thanks for your comment. I'm also running XP Pro on a dual-boot setup and am now having the same margins problem. I'm thinking now that the printer is the culprit. Once a year I print this membership list and have always used PM because it can build books. Don't think that can be done in my InDesign 2.0.1 and don't know what I could use to get the same result. PDF does not help because I would have to have the book first.

                    Any further comment would be appreciated.

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                  Jay Chevako Level 3

                  Pdf can work as you can print to file and create a "Bookleted" pdf file from pagemaker. Whatever you can print from pagemaker you can turn into a pdf.


                  ID 2 has a booklet feature, but it might have been a script, I don't remember that well.


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                    Biker38 Level 1

                    Jay: Right! But the PDF file also looks good on the monitor but prints with the same uneven margins.

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                      BigJohnD Level 3
                      But the PDF file also looks good on the monitor but prints with the same uneven margins.


                      Over the years there been many complaints about HP drivers and margn shift.  The budget printers were the worst, the one's which used the PC's memory rather than their own to raster the page. HP issued some fixes and suggested alternative drivers or versions of the driver, but I don't think the problem was ever universally resolved.


                      A search with google brings up thousands of similar entries, and not just with PM.


                      InDesing includes a similar "Build Booklet" routine to PM, and many printer drivers (including HP) now include booklet builing as option.

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                        Biker38 Level 1

                        BigJohnD: Thanks for the info.

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                          Jay Chevako Level 3

                          Try print as image under the advanced options in the adobe reader print dialog box.


                          And never buy an HP printer again.


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                            Biker38 Level 1

                            Jay: I clicked on "Print as image" under Advanced. (There is also "Mirror image" under the Advanced Tab.) Your suggestion, the first mentioned, produced a page very close to being right. The margins are about 5/8" and the writing line about 4-1/4 inches. The set margins of .5 inches result in a 4-1/2" writing line. I sent my PDF file to a friend who printed it and reported that he got .5 margins and a writing line of 4-1/2 inches on an older-than-mine HP printer.

                                And what would you suggest in lieu of an HP printer? Would appreciate your thoughts.


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                              Jay Chevako Level 3

                              I object to the amoiunt of bloatware Hp installs with it's printers, I've installed them for others and have had problems. I haven't bought a printer in years, but I would stick with epson.


                              If you can afford it get a Genuine Adobe Postscript printer, not that I'm pushing Adobe, but postscript emulation has been a disater in my book. I sent back a nice new color laser printer/copier with all the bells and whistles because the sales people lied and said it had  Adobe Postscriptwhen it actually had something called Oak postscript emulation. It would drop out random letters on complicated jobs. That's where I got the print as image trick, but I didn't consider that an acceptable work around as it slows the print times considerably.


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                                Mr. Zyx9uter4 Level 1

                                Dear Biker,


                                Thanks for your email.  Since receiving it this morning, I have received the following advice from HP Support and although I appreciate it's not your exact problem, maybe some of it will help.


                                I note that they suggest adding a Generic Drive for a Deskjet 990c model (even though mine's a Photosmart C46800) but later they mention my model so I suppose you need the 990c drive to make it all work.


                                One of the other replies I got from the forum was one which said, 'never buy an H.P'.   In fact, I'm so worried that H.P's advice will either cock-up my computer completely or change the way it prints 'Word' documents (currently O.K.) that maybe I'll buy a decent one..  Anyway, here's what H.P advised:


                                STEP 1  Add Generic Driver 990c

                                1. Click 'Start

                                2  Click Printers and Faxes'

                                3  In Printer folder, click 'Add a printer' icon

                                4  Click Next

                                5  Select 'Local' and remove the check mark from 'Automaticallhy detect and install my Plug and Play printer

                                6  Click 'Next'

                                7  Click 'Next'

                                8 Select HP from Manufacturer list

                                9 Select the printer modeol as HP DeskJet 990c from the printer list, and then click Next

                                10. Select Yes to make this printer the default printer and Click Next to continue

                                11. Select No to skip the test page and then click Next

                                12 Click finish to complete the installation.


                                STEP 2 Configure the port

                                1  Click Start, then Printers and Faxes

                                2.  Right click on HP Photosmart C4680 All in one printer icon and then selct Properties

                                3  Select the Ports tab and then check which port is selected from the list of ports.  Make a note of the port that is selected

                                4  Close Window

                                5  Right click on the HP Deskject 990c printed icon you have installed, then select the ports tab.  Select the same port that was selected for the HP Photosmart C4680 printer icon

                                6  Cick Apply and the OK

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                                  Mr. Zyx9uter4 Level 1

                                  Dear Jay,


                                  Thanks so much for the advice.   In fact, one other piece of advice from the

                                  forum was to dump the HP and buy a decent printer - which might be the best

                                  bit of advice so far.


                                  Actually, since receiving your email, HP Support has sent me an email with

                                  advice which is so complicated (such as installing a Generic Driver for a

                                  990c model) that I'm concerned it might cock up my computer completely or

                                  maybe stop me printing 'Word' documents which are currently O.K.



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                                    Mr. Zyx9uter4 Level 1

                                    Biker 38,


                                    Trouble is, I run a mail order health company and have to design order forms

                                    with so much information on them (card details etc.) that they really have

                                    to take up a whole page.   I think it would look funny if I reduced the

                                    font, then left loads of space at the bottom of the form.   Still, hopefully

                                    you got my previous email with advice from H.P.    I may risk trying that.



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                                      Biker38 Level 1

                                      ATTENTION: Finally achieved success in printing both Pagemaker and InDesign PDF files from within Vista Ultimate 64! After clicking on File, Print Setup, select Borderless 8.5 x 11 in., then go to Print, etc. All margins were .5 in. and writing line was 4.5 in. Thanks to all for your assistance.

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                                        Mr. Zyx9uter4 Level 1

                                        To 'Biker 38'


                                        Thought you'd like to hear the latest in the saga of the H.P which wouldn't

                                        print in the correct place.   Eventually, because it was only a cheap

                                        machine (under £50) I decided to 'dump' it and buy something else around the

                                        same price.  Unfortunately the only thing I could find was yet another H.P

                                        so I bought it, thinking that it couldn't possibly be another faulty one.

                                        It was!


                                        Anyway, I got onto Staples, the mail order stationers who'd sold it to me,

                                        and amazingly they agreed to refund me for BOTH machines, plus refund me for

                                        the extra toners I'd bought.   So, I'll get around £100 refund.


                                        In return I bought an Epson Stylus SX210 for £90 which has just arrived.   I

                                        immediately set it up and IT WORKS PERFECTLY.   Not only that, this one

                                        enlarges and reduces.


                                        I should have heeded the advice I got from the forum.   Don't buy an H.P.



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                                          Biker38 Level 1

                                          Mr. Z: Thanks for your follow-up. I looked at Epsons before buying the HP but must admit that HP printers had always worked well for me, so decided to stay with them. Will take a closer look at Epsons next time I buy. At least I now have a work-around for my printing problem.