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    OSMF in Flex 4 has different packages from the standalone OSMF version.


      Maybe I'm looking at something wrong but...When I compare OSMF that comes with Flex 4 with the one on from standalone version from the OSMF download site (opensource.adobe.com)  I see that the packages are very different. For example the standalone download of OSMF has an elements package where things like VideoElement (org.osmf.elements.VideoElement) etc. lives, but in the Flex 4 version it lives in (org.osmf.video.VideoElement) . And in the Flex 4 version there is no MediaContainer (org.osmf.container.MediaContainer) class. Actually there is no container package  like the standalone version. And if you wanted them both to match you would have to copy the standalone version to your Flex 4.0 SDK folder, then you would have to update OSMFClasses.as to the new package locations so you won't get runtime complier errors when it can't find the classes. Is this by design? I ran into this trying to do some of the examples on the OSMF site. The last I download the Flex 4 SDK was 04/11/2010 the same would be for OSMF.