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    New To Dreamweaver / Finding The Right Version Of This Software

    Jon 123456



             I am new to the Dreamweaver software and I not sure of what version of Dreamweaver to purchase for my particular need. I have this book that brakes down to following sections.  Working with Cascading Style Sheets.  Working with text, list and tables.  Working with images.  Working with Navagation.  Adding Interactivity.  Creating a page layout from scatch.  Working with forms.  Working with flash lessons.  Increasing Productivity.  Publishing to the web.  I am not sure but I believe that I have  the option in choosing CS4 Full Twin Version or Total Training for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 versions.


               I am a beginner at Dreamweaver and a young adult and I am not sure if I will have need for the software after this project at hand.  So I don't know what version to buy and I want the right one for my needs.  If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be of great help to me.   Thank you Jon.  

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          There is only one version of Dreamweaver.  There is no lite or pro version, and with CS5 being announced tomorrow I would highly recommend waiting for a possibility to see if there is a free upgrade to CS5 program. 


          One other item to note is your age.  If you are attending a college or university, then you are eligible for Adobe's educational purchasing program which would give you a substantial discount off the full retail price.  You would need to contact Adobe directly for this and they typically require you to fax or email them proof of your eligibility with a copy of your college id, transcripts, etc.  It's something to consider if you fall into that category.