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    headache with button


      here is a link to FLA files www.fulek.com/bug/BUG_report.rar (This is another X-file’s example, FLA’s are actually empty but they have 2MB each when extracted).

      Short description of problem:

      StartFile.swf has one big button which is instance of Button (content is in UP state). Context menu options are added trough action script.

      InvisibleButton.swf has on MC (invisibleMC) with invisible button in (content is in HIT state). You add context menu options to invisibleMC trough optionsMC component which is on InvisibleButton.swf Scene.

      StartFile.swf loads InvisibleButton.swf.
      So, invisible button is above big button in StartFile.swf.

      If you start SWF inside Flash it all works fine, each button has its own context menu, but if you start it in Internet Explorer, invisible button is not recognized, you see big button context menu on place of invisible button.

      Now if you modify invisible button so it has something in UP state it works fine in IE, you can place transparent object to simulate invisible button.

      This problem appears only in IE with FlashPlayer 9 AtiveX control.
      Please if someone can take a look on this two FLA files.