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    Synchornizing data through HTTPService

    cyber fyb Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      I am new to Flex and I am primarly ColdFusion developer. I have Flex Builder 2 and Flex Builder 3 Beta. I also have ColdFusion 8 but I do not think it is necessary in this case as I am using HTTPService to an already generated XML file (physical file). This file is updated every 15 minutes and I would like to refresh the datagrid from the Flex's page. Is it possible? And how?

      I can see the data from a first collect method of the XML data but right now, I do not have any refresh.

      Thank you for any help!
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          Anakin Jay Level 1
          if you bind your datagrid to the last result of the httprequest

          i.e. dataprovider="{httprequestname.lastResult}

          then every time you send the request, the datagrid will automatically refresh. So just make a button that runs httprequestname.send() on click.

          If you want it to refresh automatically, look up " Timer " in the flex help.