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    2 questions, do i have to activate adobe encoder manualy and....


      Howdy peoples.


      Adobe support have been no help but ask for more money for a product i just bout so i thought it would be worth a go asking here.


      question 1:

      I have deployed premier elements across 40 machines with volume licence. this is fine but when ever you go to use a MPEG video the adobe mpg encoder wants you to activate this. now I really don't want to have to do this my self to each system and I REALLY don't want student having to do this them selves. is there a way to do this through the installation process or something else


      question 2:

      Why is it that adobe premiere elements has such a heart attack when ever used on a network with roaming profiles. by default you try and open it up, it try's to create your profile and settings and freezes up. your only option is to open up the application data from a local user and then then paste that in to a network users profile and change the scratch folders to something like C:\student which doesn't totally fix the problem cause it then changes 1 of these to your roaming my documents  and opens and prompts to change this one every time but seems to be usable BUT its my belief that I shouldn't have to script in the creation of these files or put up with extra prompts when creating a project.


      Look foward to any input.