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    Mixins and Modules

    Milko Slavov


      First of all here is what I'm trying to do:

      I have an application that loads additional functionality using modules. In order to test the module I tried to compile it with testing library which uses Mixins to initialize itself. The problem here is when the module is loaded, the code in the Mixin is not executed (the static init method is not called).

      This testing approach works if the application is built with the testing library, but I couldn't make it work with the module.


      So, the exact question is whether Mixins built with modules are executed at module load time? Is this a limitation/bug/or whatever in the Flex/Flash platform and if so is there a proof(doc, adobe statement) that mixins are not loaded/executed at module load time.


      Note: by Mixin I mean the built in metatag that when a class is marked as Mixin the flash player calls its static init method.