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    Flex 3 Datavisualization components transitions help

    P.o.l.a.c.o Level 1



      I have an Areachart that displays data binded from a ListCollectionView, each 3 seconds the first element of the list is removed and a new one is added at the end of it, then the chart is refreshed accordingly.

      I would like to set a transition that moves all elements to the left each time one element is added and other removed so the old first element dissapears  to the left from the chart and the new one appears from the right side. ( I mean I would like the effect be similar to this electrocardiogram http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYMSkGXFoN4&feature=related movie.)

      I have try with interpolation effect but that only works when no element is removed from the list.


      Could someone tell me how could I achieve this effect?


      Thanks in advance.