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    weird lines ...

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      Hello everyone, as this is my first post I do not believe I can post a  new thread.. I

      am having a problem in Premiere CS3. I have  captured the video off of a dv tape.  The .avi plays fine... when it is  imported into premiere or after effects and i scrubb across the timeline  the verticle/horozontal lines appear.  Even after rendering/exporting  the movie it has the lines.  They are at similar places but no pattern  that I can see.



      PLEASE  HELP!!!


      ps I am using cs3

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          shes bump

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            The .avi plays fine...


            Doesn't mean anything. The human eye is too slow to detect flaws when a clip is playing at a high enough frame rate. The blips could already be there. In addition, Premiere scales the preview, which could also make them disappear. most likely these are real hard errors that are eitehr already on the tape or were introduced during capture. You may be able to circumvent one by running the capture again, making sure your drive is fast enough, but if it's on the tape, then it's a pointless exercise. If the issues do not appear in otehr programs, simply consider a conversion to a Quicktime file with Animation and work with that in AE.