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    PADES LVT (part 4) Doc Time-stamp




      I have a question regarding to PADES LVT(part 4 - ETSI TS 102 778-4 V1.1.1 (2009-07)).


      I'm trying to put a document Time-stamp dictionary in signed PDF file with following attributes:


      Type: DocTimeStamp
      SubFilter: ETSI.RFC3161
      Contents: there is byte of TimeStampToken


      All as is written in specification ETSI TS 102 778-4 V1.1.1 (2009-07) page 15.


      As filter I use Adobe.PPKLite value.


      But when open the PDF file and click on signature "Show Signature Properties" on tab "Verification error" I get following error:


      "Error during signature verification.  The format of this signature is not supported by this signature method. You may require a newer version of the signature handler."


      So my question is, if this type of SubFilter "DocTimeStamp" is supported? Or am I doing anything wrong, or should something else to setup?


      I use adobe reader 9.3.


      Thanks for any answer.