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    CSS image gallery

    npish Level 1

      I'm hoping to get a little  direction here: I'm trying to create a simple image gallery such as the  one linked here: http://monc.se/kitchen/stew/gallery/ with thumbs on the left and a "stage" at right to display corresponding  full-size images upon clicking. This example, however, uses a simple  JavaScript to generate thumbs from the large images, whereas I would  like to create my own thumbs and also include a descriptive caption for  each full-size image.


      The site linked here: http://summerinnbnb.com/haines.php -- a modification of the former example-- is closer to what I'm after,  but I'd like to be able to format the caption text, which isn't possible  here given that the script is pulling the text from the "title"  attribute.


      In  essence, I'd like to create a gallery without resorting to frames, and  with minimal scripting-- and maximum CSS-efficiency-- that displays  full-size images by clicking the thumbs-- i.e. not via rollover-- and  that displays a corresponding caption on the "stage" under the large  image. I would imagine the simple script in the above examples could be  modified to allow for a formatted caption, but my JS knowledge is  minimal at best.


      Thanks much for any help here.